Token Sale

The Narrative Token Sale has ended and all NRVE tokens have been issued to our contributors! Thanks to everyone for your support. If you previously registered for the sale, you can access your account by signing in.

  NRVE Tokens Per NEO Effective Bonus Rate* Minimum Contribution Maximum Contribution Per Phase Per Account
Private Pre-Sale
400 33% 800 NEO 3,000 NEO
Public Sale
Day 1 333 11% 1 NEO 300 NEO
Day 2 315 5% 1 NEO 1,000 NEO
After Day 2 300 0% ** 1 NEO No Limit
* Effective bonus rate is reflected in the number of NRVE tokens per NEO. In other words, the effective bonus rate reflects the additional tokens you will receive compared to the standard rate of 300 NRVE/NEO.
** Large Contribution Bonuses available for contributions of 1,500 NEO or more. Contact us for details.

Private Pre-Sale


Public Sale

The token sale will end immediately once all 50 million tokens have been sold.

Current Token Sale Contributions

31,928,004 NRVE Purchased / 50,000,000 NRVE Total
--- results updated every minute ---

Token Allocation

We will be minting a total of 100 million NRVE tokens for this token generation event; 50% of that total will be available for purchase in this sale. The distribution is as follows:

Tokens allocated for the team will vest over a three-year period that does not commence until we actually launch the network. Tokens allocated for Company Reserves will vest over a two-year period, beginning with the close of the Token Sale.

Use of Funds

We will be using the proceeds from the Token Sale to fund operations for the first 4 years. After that time, we expect revenue from the network to fully fund operations. For more on the Token Sale, please refer to the White Paper, which will be updated as necessary.

Earn Founder Status

Anyone who contributes at least 60 NEO in total for the Token Sale will be granted "Founder" status when the network launches. Founders will receive substantial perks, including:

First Dibs on Niches

All Founders will be given a two-week head start on reserving new niches (there will be a limit on number of niches you can create during this period, however), when our early alpha, codenamed Chaucer, launches in March 2018. They can reserve the most lucrative niche subjects before the general public comes in. Since Niche Owners can earn recurring revenue from the niches they operate, this is a potentially substantial benefit. Don't know what a niche is? Read the White Paper!

Access to Team During Development Phase

Founders will have exclusive access to the Narrative team immediately after the Token Sale ends until the network launches. Get an inside look at the progress we make.

Lifetime Activity Points Bonus

For the life of their network account, Founders will receive a 10% bonus for all activity points they earn each reward period. That means a higher share of Activity Rewards payouts.

To qualify as Founder, contribute at least 60 NEO in total during the Narrative Token Sale. Then, when the network launches, register your account using the same email address you used for the Token Sale so we can automatically grant you Founder's rights.
Have questions? Email us at [email protected] or visit our Community Site or Telegram Group.